To anyone and everyone reading this post, thank you for visiting. This blog will follow my journey with Thinking Beyond Borders and will serve as a connection and window into my personal reactions to the events happening all around me. I will try to post regularly but as you can understand, access to the internet will be sporadic.

Sitting here, I currently have less than a week until my journey begins. Only recently has it truly dawned on me how much my life will change in such a short amount of time. Not even a month ago it all seemed like the far future or even just a story I had heard, but now I’m beginning to grasp the volume of my adventure.

Up until last summer the farthest I had gone outside of the United States was to the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls borderline. When I traveled to England and Scotland last summer the thrill of being somewhere even slightly different in culture to the US was enough to get me excited. I found myself enjoying the small things like the use of mayonnaise instead of ranch dressing and getting to exchange pounds for goods instead of dollars. While travelling from place to place I was always happy because everything I was currently seeing, I had never seen before. I came to see travelling as a constant adventure and that’s really what inspired me to really consider the idea of a gap year with Thinking Beyond Borders.

This is why I will dedicate my blog not only to the larger picture with what I will be constantly learning, but also to the smaller things. I figure what brings me joy surely will do the same for the readers.